Special Events

A themed morning, afternoon, or evening of sensory experiences while parents have a "time out". These are held a couple times a year to allow parents some time without their children. Usually at the beginning of summer and around Christmas.

Vacation Bible School is one of the biggest outreaches of this ministry.  We had close to 200 children involved in this last year.  This labor of love results in children and adults powered up with Jesus!  Children get to see, taste, hear, touch, and experience their lessons in such a fun dynamic way.  

Palm Sunday is such a great time in the life of the church for children.  We have a procession of the palms with all the little children participating. After the 11am Worship Services, we have a church-wide picnic and Easter Egg hunt.  We also have crafts and games for the children. 

Annually held the Sunday afternoon before Halloween, We host this community event where kids can come in costume to "Trunk or Treat" at various trunks in the parking lot and play fun games in the Faith Center. 

Wow!  If you have never seen children reenacting the Christmas Story, you won't want to miss this.  It was a beautiful procession that was guided by the reading of the Word of God. This Christmas Eve service is at 4pm. Several of the parts will be assigned and rehearsed before, but any child who comes that evening will be invited to take part.

The parents and children gather one evening in December to go visit our shut-ins and sing them Christmas Carols.  It is a wonderful time to visit old friends and encourage our little ones to help with the needs of others; even if it is just a short visit.